Guillermo del Toro - Movie creator.

Shooting editorial portraits has been my passion most of my career. (I started out wanting to be a reportage, war photographer.) My career took a turn as my employer Timeout magazine, London began to faze out the news and current affairs sections of the mag in favor of lifestyle, entertainment and celebrity.  

I learnt over time and some stressful scenarios, we don't always need a big team, fancy location and or studio to create a poignant portrait.  Yes, it's wonderful to have the time those big budgets but we're in at the afternoon tea of the editorial world with it's changing pressures. Picture editors, photographers and related craftspersons are stretched to create what they're known for with less notice, time and money.

This portrait of Guillermo del Toro was shot in my dirty old storage lockup.  There must have been roughly 24 emails to put the interview and portrait together.  Once the session was locked in, it was Guillermo's easy going personality which allowed us to shoot this simple portrait in my rat trap space. He rolled up to my place in his early 2000's Seabream, no publicist or desire to be groomed.  Such a treat to meet and photograph this gentleman. #geniuscreator.  



Tesla Model III for Automobile Magazine

Had a marvelous time photographing the new Tesla Mk III for Automobile Magazines March/April Issue.  We only had a few hours to find a location and shoot the nippy electric jet.  We ended up finding a aggregates quarry tucked away off the i580 just north of the Fremont Factory. The smoke was created using a military grade smoker.  The devices can be a little hit and miss but after two releases we found this frame showed the vehicle just enough for Automobile Magazines 'Design Of The Year' award cover. 

 Tesla Mk III Shot in Fremont
 Tesla Mk III Shot in Fremont
 Tesla Mk III Shot in Fremont
 Tesla Mk III Shot in Fremont

Andy Puddicombe - Author - The Headspace Guide to a Mindful Pregnancy

The lovely Andy Puddicombe in the weekends copy of The Times UK.  Shot on Venice Beach, Andy was well up for a bit of Cardio, jumping into a lotus position. His five years in Tibet as a Buddhist monk went a long way here. Whether you're a cynical old fart or not. It's worth checking his Headspace App out.  There's a 10 day free introduction here.


Luci Romberg - Free Runner - Red Bull - Art of Motion

Some of you may know I love working with stunt professionals.  One of these professionals is Luci Romberg. A champion gymnast and US representative in the American Ninja Warrior competition. Luci allowed us to photograph her on fire for #RedBulls #RedBulletin Magazine.  The very accomplished gang from Action Factory provided the fire along with their brilliant safety team.  All fire in this image is real. The only retouching was to remove the harness crease and suspension cables.  Outside of the time it took setting up our lighting and fire tests, this has to be one of the shortest photo shoots I've completed.  About 8 seconds. To show good will and that I'm no chicken, Action Factory gave me a little dose of flame so I could feel what it's like to be set on fire.  See snappy video below. 

Do know, these are award winning professional stunt practitioners.  They have the best safety equipment and products on the market.  Even if you're a seasoned Burner, you'd do well having Action Factory at your side. 

Luci Romberg on fire for Red Bulletin Magazine / Barry J Holmes © 2014

Luci Romberg on fire for Red Bulletin Magazine / Barry J Holmes © 2014

Here's Luci's submission to this years Red Bull's Art of Motion competition.  Six Free Runners, three men and three women will compete in Greece this coming October.  If you like her brilliance, please go ahead and vote for her in the three categories of Creativity, Execution and Technical difficulty. The six athletes chosen from the online qualifier will join the eight finalists from last years event.

Let's get Luci to Greece so we can see her amazing moves kick up the dust in this ancient land. By voting, you're entered into the hat to win a trip to watch the competition on Greece.

Luci's submission, edited by her man Chad Bonanno /

Also, check out for more information about this athletic art.

Luci Romberg, BTS snappy Video. 

Luci Romberg - Tempest Freerunning academy - Chatsworth

Luci Romberg - Tempest Freerunning academy - Chatsworth