Guillermo del Toro - Movie creator.

Shooting editorial portraits has been my passion most of my career. (I started out wanting to be a reportage, war photographer.) My career took a turn as my employer Timeout magazine, London began to faze out the news and current affairs sections of the mag in favor of lifestyle, entertainment and celebrity.  

I learnt over time and some stressful scenarios, we don't always need a big team, fancy location and or studio to create a poignant portrait.  Yes, it's wonderful to have the time those big budgets but we're in at the afternoon tea of the editorial world with it's changing pressures. Picture editors, photographers and related craftspersons are stretched to create what they're known for with less notice, time and money.

This portrait of Guillermo del Toro was shot in my dirty old storage lockup.  There must have been roughly 24 emails to put the interview and portrait together.  Once the session was locked in, it was Guillermo's easy going personality which allowed us to shoot this simple portrait in my rat trap space. He rolled up to my place in his early 2000's Seabream, no publicist or desire to be groomed.  Such a treat to meet and photograph this gentleman. #geniuscreator.