Andy Puddicombe - Author - The Headspace Guide to a Mindful Pregnancy

The lovely Andy Puddicombe in the weekends copy of The Times UK.  Shot on Venice Beach, Andy was well up for a bit of Cardio, jumping into a lotus position. His five years in Tibet as a Buddhist monk went a long way here. Whether you're a cynical old fart or not. It's worth checking his Headspace App out.  There's a 10 day free introduction here.


Two Really Nice Breaking Bad Gangsters with Rachel Howzell Hall

The new site is finally up. My web guy has left the house for the week and I wanted to post an image to see how it plays on my new blog.  Here's an unpublished shot from our photo shoot with Crime author Rachel Howzell Hall. I don't like using 'My' in any sentence regarding a shoot especially when the talent are 'well ard.'  Luis and Daniel Moncado our 'model gangsters,' from the popular TV show Breaking Bad, joined us for OUR photo session with Rachel in her old neighborhood of Crenshaw South Los Angeles. The neighborhood has lost some of it's old charm but it's certainly not as dangerous as it used to be, especially when you have two gents who know the streets and they're either side of you.  It's late.  I'm tired. More later.  This is a test, this is a test ;-)

Luis Moncado, Rachel Howzell Hall and Daniel Moncado in South LA

Luis Moncado, Rachel Howzell Hall and Daniel Moncado in South LA